Blog Post 6

We are one

Manchester experienced their tragic terrorist attack less than two weeks ago. After the Ariana Grande concert on May 22nd, there was a bombing which resulted in 22 deaths and many other injuries. After this horrific attack, Ariana Grande postponed her “Dangerous Woman” tour in respect for what happened and those affected.

One Love manchester

Just this week it was announced that Grande was going to continue her tour starting June 5th, but before doing so she would make a reappearance in Manchester. On Sunday, June 4th, Grande is performing at the Manchester’s Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

In honor of those affected by the Manchester bombing, Grande is giving free admission to all who attended her May 22nd concert as well as the families of those affected. For the “One Love Manchester”  concert all proceeds will be donated to the British Red Cross, the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and Manchester City Council.


Terrorists want people to run and hide from them and what they do. They hold the power to make people fear. Grande is sending them the sign that we, as a whole, do not fear them. David Katz, a former  U.S. federal agent stated, “Hold the concert and show these miscreants that we will not be intimidated by their cowardly attacks.” 

Ariana Grande’s Relations

This approach to what happened is such a powerful move by Ariana Grande as well as the music industry. This is sending the message that music can bring us all together and that’s what it is here to do. Some may think that this is just Grande putting more people at risk, but that is not the case. No matter when or where a large event like this takes place there is always the risk of another attack. However, this is maybe the most honorary thing the music industry could do for Manchester and people are going to recognize that.

This stance creates a form of unity for not only those involved, but for all those citizens who began to fear. “One Love Manchester” is being live broadcasted for everyone who wishes to be apart if this beautiful event. It has the potential to bring people together and serve those who have suffered.


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