Blog Post 3

Reaching the real life Emotions of your Publics

What do you think of when you hear of the company Amazon? Often times you relate it back to a website where you can purchase an enormous amount of products and merchandise. What else do you associate with this company? If you can’t think of anything else, odds are you aren’t the only one. Amazon knows this. That’s why this month they put a lot of money on the line, and handed out some free give-aways.

Amazon is not only a website for online shoppers. They have they’re very own TV and film production studios. This isn’t a very well known thing. So, in order to promote this, Amazon took action this month.

They recently released a new movie call Manchester by the Sea. They came up with a risky move to create a more established relationship with their viewers and what Amazon has to offer.

To advertise their release of this movie into their Amazon’s Prime Streaming Service, they decided to give every home within the real Manchester, Massachusetts area a free one year subscription.

This did great things for Amazon’s public relations. Handing out free things can be a very risky thing, but Amazon took that risk and great things happened because of it. They are receiving more publicity and recognition for this move then they ever could have hoped. Amazon has gotten great feed back and has been featured for this PR move on many national news sites.

Not only is this promoting their new movie and it’s sells were able to do very well, but it also promoted their production studio and streaming services that they offer. Amazon killed multiple birds with this stone and it’s gotten them some very, very good feedback from people all over.

I think this was such a great move as well, because this isn’t something that happens on the regular. This idea of recognizing everyone in the real life area of Manchester, was able to truly affect people. They were able to see Amazon as more of a personal company who cares about everyone involved in their works. It personalized their company, and there’s nothing else that can be more effective than connecting with your publics emotions.

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