Blog Post 2

There’s always more than one way to give

Sunny Co. Clothing, a partial charity company ran by two longtime friends may have gotten in over their heads in a matter of days this past week.

Sunny Co. Clothing issued an almost irresistible offer to their shoppers and Instagram followers Tuesday, May 3rd. Sunny Co. Clothing told their followers that by Wednesday May 3rd, anyone who would repost their Pamela Sunny Suit and tag the company, that they would reward them with a voucher for a free swimsuit.

For the next 24 hours there was an enormous amount of Instagram users who posted and tagged this photo for Sunny Co. It was reported on the Time website that the company was not expecting this large of a reaction from their shoppers and followers. Their post for this offer got over 334,000 likes and the fluctuation of reposts by shoppers was unimaginable to the company.

Sunny Co. Clothing came out to E! News that they had to tell followers that they may put a cap on the vouchers being offered. Also, that there are high chances of delivery delays due to the immense amount of orders.

There has been a media outburst on this subject over the past few days. The Statement released by the co-owners of Sunny Co. was only expected because of the smallness of their company. There has been media mockery and tons of negative feedback from followers and other media users because of the large reaction to this offer.

Sunny Co. Clothing’s reaction to this outburst did not come as a surprise after people realized the aftermath of the situation. I think they could possibly do something else, however, to compensate for the fact that they won’t be able to do all they had said they would. It could give them a very bad reputation, as it already has. Many online users are saying that this company is only trying to scam it’s followers and that it’s not a real thing.

This clothing company has the opportunity to turn things around. Where they are charity operation and for every purchase, they donate one dollar to an Alzheimer’s  foundation, they could really promote their company and save their suddenly bad reputation. Where as creating and giving away few suits isn’t an option anymore, they could result to charity. Sunny Co. Clothing could tell their followers that since free vouchers is not in their reach, they will donate 10 or so dollars to the Alzheimer’s foundation instead.

There are many ways Sunny Co. Company could save their reputation at this point, but will they try is the real question.

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