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Shea Moisture-ad backlash

Shea Moisture is a cosmetic company started and ran by people of the African American race. Their main audience target for years has been to their like community and manufacturing products that cater to their hair types.

This past week Shea Moisture released an ad for their campaign, Everybody Gets Love. In this advertisement there was only one woman of color represented, followed by many white women throughout the ad. This ad was centered around women and their hair hate. It advertised that Shea Moisture helps you love everything about your hair.

As soon as this ad was released Shea Moisture faced instantaneous backlash by their colored women consumers. Shea Moisture is primarily supported by African American women, and since these women weren’t feeling like the center of Shea’s audience with this ad, it caused instant retaliation from their black consumers.

As soon as Shea Moisture realized the impact their campaign had, they pulled the ad. Following this action they published an apology on their Facebook feed about the insensitivity the ad had presented towards the majority of their consumers.

As a result from these PR actions taken by Shea Moisture, there was little change in the unforgiving mood of their African American audience. There was still backlashing and bitter comments being posted all over social media.

As for the the way they handled their PR, I think they did as good as they could have, in regaining their primary audience, without completely degrading all other ethic groups. However, I personally think they could have added to their apology in the case to justify their reasoning for the ad they pulled earlier this week. There may not have been as many black women presented in this ad was the colored community would have liked, but that doesn’t mean that Shea Moisture was in the wrong. They could have released their apology, but along with that justified their actions by saying, “we were simply wanting to create a more unified community.” I think that would have gave their opponents something more to see and ponder on. Where as the apology just fed the opponents’ pride, making it easier for them to feel that they didn’t need to change their newly formed opinions of Shea Moisture. Those people fighting Shea Moisture on this issue would have possibly seen Shea as being the bigger people, instead of a company who made a tremendous mistake. 

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