Blog Post 11

Final Project – Personal

For my final project I chose to do a togo menu. I work at Millhollow and they’ve been in need of one for quite some time. I did a three fold layout  including pixels and vectors.

As I worked my way through this project I struggled with the amount of information I had to include. There was a lot of type, yet I wanted as much white space as possible. I found that even though my text was small it made the menu look much better because it left for more white space. I used one strong alignment, left flushed, so it would look clean and organized.

To incorporate vectors into my menu, I created small images to illustrate the items listed on the menu. I also included contact information and steps so that people would be able to more easily order over the phone.

Learning in this course

I have learned so much about visual media throughout this course. I have really come to understand the importance of the four principles of design and how each of them build off of each other.

I have also really appreciated the knowledge I have gained about the software used in this course. We have worked a great deal in adobe illustrator, inDesign and Photoshop. I really feel that I have grown to understand these programs so much more. In the beginning I felt limited and trapped because of my lack of knowledge in each program, but as I’ve learned throughout the semester I have been able to find so many ways to excel using these great programs.



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