Blog Post 10

brochure-Teton county recreation center

I chose to create my brochure for the Teton County Recreation Center. I used all of the principles of design, so that my brochure could be as appealing to the eye as possible.

I used alignment through out my project by making most all of the type left flush. Also, I was able to create an alignment with all of my hexagons, which I repeated throughout the entire brochure. I also repeated the colors: gray, yellow, blue and purple. Contrast was also a popular principle in my project. I used it in the body text to help certain words draw the viewers’ eye in. I did this by using different colors and sizes of type. Proximity was the principle that I used a little less in this project. I worked with proximity on the back when I put in the information, as well as the small body text inside the brochure.

I wanted my brochure to be different and have an element that would make it stand out from other pamphlets. So I used a different creative route and made a pop-out which I inserted inside the brochure. I also created little icons that could symbolize Teton Rec. Center.

One of my greatest challenges from this project was the spacing of all the objects and text. I wanted to include white space, but didn’t know how to do it without making the brochure boring and plan. Three things I learned from this project was most important, how to better use inDesign. After working on this project I really got the hang of the program. Secondly, I learned about printing. I printed many different drafts of this project because the lines were all in different spots. Thirdly, I learned a lot more about spacing and the importance of including white space in your projects.

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