Blog Post 8

visual media-communication

Visual media is something that really clicks in my mind. I understand it as well as the importance of it. There are so many different things visual media is used for and can be apply to. To me, however, there is one thing that I think tops all others, and that is; visual media communicates.

Communication is key. Without it no one would understand each other let alone understand their intentions or their ideas. Visual media is solely there so that individuals can communicate with one another, and good visual media helps them to communicate affectively.

Visual media can be what makes your ideas and your message to society sore. It can also be what distorts it and misguides the viewers in understanding your intentions.

Proper visual media is something that everyone and everything needs in order to communicate with those around them and it is such a vital thing in todays world.

final-card-and-envelope final-letterhead

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