Blog Post 7

Brainstorming: business cards-envelope-letterhead

Throughout this week I did a lot of brainstorming for our next assignments. I began by creating eight business cards. It was a learning process for me. Every card I did, I liked more than the one before. There were a lot of the design principles that I used when I was evaluating my cards.

One design principle that I struggled with, but wanted in my stationary was contrast. This was difficult because I was incorporating color, which meant that I had to study the color wheel and figure out which colors would stand out and work with each other.

Another principle that I was working with was alignment. I was brainstorming different ways in do my alignment and by the end I had decided on right flush. I think this created for an easier readability on my cards.

Something else I struggled with was balancing my cards. I wanted symmetry and I felt that a lot of the cards that I really liked, were too heavy in some spots. I used different colors, however, to balance them out in the end.


When it comes to creating a brand for our name and your company, I think repetition is they way to do it. You have to create a family look throughout your work. This helps the viewer to be able to see certain aspect of your logo, stationary, or cards and right away be able to place them with your company. Branding will help viewers to establish a recognition for your company and work.

Brainstorming Cards:


Envelope-Final Card:card


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