Blog Post 6

LOGO-Flying with Gravity

The company that I created my logo for was Flying with Gravity. The aim of this company is to train flightless birds, specifically penguins, and send them off to Disney Land and producers who make movies for Disney.

The logo I created has many things in it that apply to the vision of our company. The hierarchy of it is the black penguin. The penguin silhouette makes the logo visually interesting because it is partly created with the letters ‘f’ and ‘g’ instead of the regular penguin body. This unusual formation of a penguin makes the viewer’s eye draw to the logo. That is also what makes the logo unique is how the body of the penguin was created and formed.

There is unity shown in different ways throughout the logo. The text is unified with the image, for starters. The text forms the rest of the penguin body. There is also unity in the character of the penguin. He has dance apparel on and is found on a dance floor. There is unity in the color and the shapes as well.

The logo’s readability is very good as well. The two letters that symbolize the company name are body and simple. The overall logo is very simple, but not simplistic. It is simple because the detail is minimized and there is little to no color. Also, I only used one color along with black and white, so it keeps the viewer from getting too confused or overwhelmed.

The overall logo is very communicative because it combines the elements and objectives of the company, such as the penguin, the name and the dancing apparel and combines them all in a simple obvious way, yet it is created uniquely.



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