Blog Post 4

Logo – Flightless bird dance studio

I was in the group assigned to work with mythical or realistic animals. So, our group decided on realistic animals and we chose to do a silly, for-profit organization. Our end result was a global flightless bird dance studio. We wanted our organization’s aims and vision to be that everyone is equal and we should all have to opportunity to express ourselves freely. So in order to apply it to the animal we chose, we decided to make our organization about birds that couldn’t fly, and to give them the opportunity for a different kind of flight, dancing.

As I began my search for the right logo, the beginning sketches really helped me a ton. I played around with a few different names and different animals. Drawing them out on paper really helped me to recognize which logos I was going to realistically be able to recreate in Adobe Illustrator. As I sketched out the names of the company I also was able to see them in a different light and changed them as I went. Having my logos down on paper was a lot more affective for me than just having them in my head.

Once I had chose my favorite logo for the organization, I started the five step improvements in Illustrator. Because of our 3.2 shape assignment we did in class last week, creating my logo was a lot more possible than I thought it was going to be. By the time I created my fifth improved logo, I was liking my idea more and more. I think the five-step process really helped my logo to be more put together and more of what I wanted it to be.

5-step improvement process for my logo3-3-assignment

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