Blog Post 3

squares – project 2

For my final draft of Project 2, I had to do a lot of rearranging to my squares. I choose the words tension, bold and increase, which I decided to do for my final draft in the end. After I received all my feedback during our last class period, however, I decided to represent those words in a different way with some of my squares.


My tension squares got good feedback overall, however, I did move them slightly closer together so the idea of tension was more dramatic. I think I created a good picture to represent tension in my final draft. It was simple, but the idea was clear and that was what I was going for.


For my second square, I created a bold idea. After the feedback I got in class on this specific square, I redid the entire thing. Not very many people could see that my initial square was playful. So, I changed the entire idea of the square and did bold instead.


Increase was the last word I choose to create. For this one I didn’t really redesign it, I just recreated it in reverse. The idea I had was to create sort of a hill or incline with the four squares, while the squares themselves were changing in size as well. My problem though, was that there was an incline, but the squares went from large to small, so a lot of my classmates assumed it was representing decrease instead of increase. So I kept the idea of creating an incline, but I made the squares start smaller on the right and then increase in size so that it was more clear to my viewers.

Project 2 – Squaresassignment-2-2

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