Blog Post 2

non-designer design principles

In my handout for Project one I tried to implement as many of Robin Williams’ principles as possible. The principles that I included were proximity, alignment, repetition and contrast.


In my handout I used proximity to help my viewers quickly see what parts of my handout were relevant and related to each other. I used gaps between the different principles and larger gaps between them and the additional information.


Alignment is a very important principle as well. This principle helped organize my handout so that it would be appealing to the viewer’s eye. I used alignment in my project to help emphasize the proximity and relationship between my different bits of information as well. I used one alignment, flush left, which created a strong invisible line down the left side of the handout.


I used this principle in various parts of my handout. I used the color red throughout my project to emphasize the principles. I also use a black rule at the top as well as at the bottom of the page. The typeface was also used in a repetitive manor as well. I used only two typefaces, one for the entire title and one for the rest of the information.


Contrast is one of the principles that I used within the other principles I previously mentioned. I used contrast with the thick black rule against the white paper. I also used contrast with the bolded, red typeface that was used for each principle. I used contrast in the title of my handout. I used it by bolding the first half of the title and making it a larger typeface than the less important part of the title.

Project one – Handoutslide1

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